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Carbona Not Glue is the longest running RAMONES tribute band in the world. There's a fact! (It's even on Wikipedia)

Formed in 1994, they played their first punk gig at the legendary Tap O' Lauriston in 1995. That was when the RAMONES were still alive and still performing.

Initially formed as a laugh, doing various covers. After a short while we needed focus and decided to do just RAMONES songs as they were fun and we all loved them. This was at a time when tributes bands were not that common, we knew about the Cretins but they had stopped. At the time there were only about 5 RAMONES tribute bands in the whole world. there must be 500 now. Carbona Not Glue even got a mention in Everett True's book Hey Ho Let's Go, I have to find that page number. When Simon and Robin went to New York, they were offered a gig at CBGB's but could not do it due to the costs etc... it was nice to be asked.

 The initial line up included Nick Harrison (ex Beautfiful Suit) but the current line up is :-

  • Drums : Calvin Burt (ex Thanes, Liberty Takers)
  • Vocals :David Hall
  • Guitar : Robin Woods (ex Vatican shotgun Scare)
  • Bass : Simon Kettles (ex Ruby Suit).

After the first few gigs Nick decided to hang up his sticks which allowed Dave Drums (ex Another Bendy Window) to take over on drums. 

After about five years Simon Kettles went on to join Boston (not the band). He went to live in America. Derek Waddle took over bass. 

Due to family commitments the band took a 6 year sabbatical, but came back with the original line up. After about 6 years, Nick decided to hang up his sticks again. Carbona Not Glue recruited Calvin Burt (Thanes, Liberty Takers). This brings the band up to date, nearly 20 years old!!!!