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Carbona Not Glue playing the Parlour, due to noise restrictions this will be an early gig, approx 8:00 pm

Playing back at the Parlour

Gig Report

This was a great comeback gig at the parlour. Trying a new twist to our set by keeping all the favs to end appeared to have worked. This gig was recorded using a Zoom R16 for a good quality recording using 7 mics. It was also recorded by video HD by Sadie Woods.  

There was a good on stage sound and out front, although someone did say it could have been louder but it was a pub gig -so we have to mix with the un mic'd drums. A wee mishap with a spring breaking on snare after the KKK but with a bit of gaffa tape we got through the set. Simon used his new 350 watt Ampeg, sounded great, Robin used the Bugera 22 with extension speakers.

Lots of folks dancing at the end and a genuine encore. It was a great night.

Here is the Set List  :

  1. Beat on the Brat
  2. Glad to See You go
  3. Gimme
  4. Kill That Girl
  5. KKK  
  6. Listen to My Heart
  7. Rockaway Beach
  8. Teenage Lobotomy
  9. Here Today Gone Tom
  10. Surfin Bird
  11. Too Tough  to  D i e
  12. C h a i n s a w
  13. I W a n n a   L i v e
  14. Spiderman
  15. California Sun
  16. We’re a Happy Family
  17. Cretin Hop
  18. Blitzkreig Bop
  19. Sheena
  20. Sedated
  21. What a Wonderful World
  22. R.A.M.O.N.E.S.